Render to file without any consumer

I need to replace some titles, which I played out during broadcast. I can play it and render into file with "ADD 1 FILE..." command. And here is the question: if I create a channel in Caspar's config, but do not create any consumer - will Caspar render into file? Actually, I don't create a consumer to save GPU performance - videocard is not so powerful - right now I have to do this things in a "trip-mode" and can not take a big PC with me.

Re: Render to file without any consumer

If you run

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you just add a consumer, namely an ffmpeg consumer to your channel.
For ccg it doesen't matter if there is a consumer right after start or not, but if there is no consumer, the rendered frames are just wasted, so it doesn't make sense to play a file without having a consumer running.

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