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I have a simple lower third with a dynamic textfield created in Flash. Often the text is longer than my background.
How can the lenght of the dynamic text (input from caspar client) adjust the size of background horizontaly to the right?
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Re: Dynamic text changes size of background

Sure I have an idea, it's easy. Do you know how to do "Advanced Templates"? http://casparcg.com/wiki/Content_/_Medi ... _Templates

Make the Textfield as small as possible, so that only a single I has room to be shown.
Then set the autosize:

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nameOfDynamicTextField.autoSize = TextFieldAutoSize.LEFT;
In the SetData() override function you get the text out of the xml and set it into the field like so:

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nameOfDynamicTextField.text = element.data.@value;
Then you can get the width of the textfield to set the size of your rectangle.
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