HELP NEEDED: Flash UILoader animation (Alpha)

I made a simple template - just like in Wiki tutorial - and it works fine. I can load exteranal image throug f0 field in caspar clinet.

Porblem is that i want to implement option that UILoader element will fade in or out. Nomraly in flash i would use Classic Animatuion using ALPHA 0->100.

Im not good at flash at all :( just started learning for Caspar template purposes. My porblem is that when i convert UILoader element into MovieClip Symbol or Graphic Symbol it doesynt load at all.

here is my ActionScript code:

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	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	import se.svt.caspar.ICommunicationManager;
	import se.svt.caspar.IRegisteredDataSharer;
	import se.svt.caspar.template.CasparTemplate;
	public class avatar extends CasparTemplate
		private const customParameterDescription:XML = 	
	   		<parameter id="image" type="string" info="File URL for Flag Home" />
		override public function SetData(xmlData:XML):void 
		   for each (var element:XML in xmlData.children())
			  if (element.@id == "image") 		
				  Image1.source =;
here is the link to the package of my template: (include FLA, tf, as files)

Can I ask somebody to explain me step by step how to make it fade in a realy simple way so i can use it later in other templates?

Re: HELP NEEDED: Flash UILoader animation (Alpha)

That is not that hard. The best way of doing it is, by the use of an ActionScript animation library like Tweener or Greensock, to animate stuff from code.

Here ... _Templates you find other procedures you can overwrite, beside SetData. There is one called postInitialize that will be called after the template has been loaded by Caspar, but before anything gets displayed. That is the place to add something like

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override public function postInitialize():void {
   Image1.alpha = 0;
Thaen inside the play function you animate the alpha value from 0.0 to 1.0 and inside stop from 1.0 to 0.0 using a calll to the animations library's tween function.
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Re: HELP NEEDED: Flash UILoader animation (Alpha)

Thank you Didi, but i've made it a bit other way. Not so skilled in programimng at all - so a tip from JanStarzak:

- the problem was that i should first convert into clip, add a name to instance of clip, then add Clasic animation. i was doing it in wrong order. Now its working.

Here is a link to compleate template - lower third two lines (f0 and f1) and image from adress (url - can be internet adres like http://) ... vyu0a?dl=0

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