mask in template [*SOLVED*]

I have 2 template's with a mask in.
I use the 2 template's on 2 different layers, cause I need them on the screen at the same time.
When I use the template in the highest layer the mask seems to stay on when I take the template offline again.
When I use the other template on the lowest layer, I have a black shape in front.
Seems to bee the mask from the first template.
How do I remove the mask with the template?
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Re: mask in template

Hello Jesper.

I've made the mask in the flash template.
The to layers are different video layer's (20 and 21)
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Re: mask in template

Hmm, are you sure your template fully clears? If you are running just a STOP command, you could end up - depending on your scripting and/or timeline layout - with a freeze on the last frame.

I'm pretty sure this issue is isoloated to how that single template is constructed.

You could do some tests, sending two consecutive STOP commands or just sending a CLEAR command for the upper layer.
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Re: mask in template

I think you are right, it must be the template, but what?

I does'nt help sending 2 stop commands, but when I send a clear command I get rit of it.

This is my AS3 script:

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	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	import se.svt.caspar.template.CasparTemplate;
	import caurina.transitions.Tweener;
	import flash.display.*;	
	import flash.text.*;
	import flash.text.TextField;
	import flash.text.TextFormat;
	public class upcoming_2017 extends CasparTemplate
		private const customParameterDescription:XML = 	
	   		<parameter id="f0" type="string" info="Tekst input til Navn 1" />
			<parameter id="f1" type="string" info="Tekst input til Navn 2" />
			<parameter id="f2" type="string" info="Tekst input til Navn 3" />
			<parameter id="color_line" type="string" info="Fil URL til linjens farve" />
		override public function postInitialize():void
			bundt_line_mc.y = 1080;
			bundt_bkg_mc.y = 478;
			bundt_bkg_mc.mask = mask_mc;
			titel_mc.y = 478;
			name_mc_1.y = 523;
			name_mc_2.y = 590;
			name_mc_3.y = 657;
		override public function Play():void
			Tweener.addTween(bundt_line_mc, {y:748, time:0.28, transition:"easeOutSine"});
			Tweener.addTween(bundt_bkg_mc, {y:755, time:0.20, delay:0.28, transition:"easeOutSine"});
			Tweener.addTween(titel_mc, {y:755, time:0.20, delay:0.28, transition:"easeOutSine"});
			Tweener.addTween(name_mc_1, {y:800, time:0.20, delay:0.28, transition:"easeOutSine"});
			Tweener.addTween(name_mc_2, {y:867, time:0.20, delay:0.28, transition:"easeOutSine"});
			Tweener.addTween(name_mc_3, {y:934, time:0.20, delay:0.28, transition:"easeOutSine"});

		override public function Stop():void
			Tweener.addTween(bundt_line_mc, {alpha:0, time:0.48, transition:"linear"});
			Tweener.addTween(bundt_bkg_mc, {alpha:0, time:0.48, transition:"linear"});
			Tweener.addTween(titel_mc, {alpha:0, time:0.48, transition:"linear"});
			Tweener.addTween(name_mc_1, {alpha:0, time:0.48, transition:"linear"});
			Tweener.addTween(name_mc_2, {alpha:0, time:0.48, transition:"linear"});
			Tweener.addTween(name_mc_3, {alpha:0, time:0.48, transition:"linear"});
		override public function SetData(xmlData:XML):void 
			for each (var element:XML in xmlData.children())
				if (element.@id == "color_line")
					bundt_line_mc.bundt_line.source =;
				if (element.@id == "f0")
					name_mc_1.navn.text =;
				if (element.@id == "f1")
					name_mc_2.navn.text =;
				if (element.@id == "f2")
					name_mc_3.navn.text =;


Re: mask in template

IMPORTANT: Since you're using Tweener to animate out content, you need to wrap your Super.Stop()/this.removeTemplate() in either a new Tweener with appropriate delay, or perhaps a callback from Tweener once the animation is done. I have never done so with Tweener, but know it is simple to do with other animation libraries.

If you just add the cleanup after the last Tweener, it will clear the tempalte before any animation is done.
Jesper Stærkær
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Re: mask in template

After testing a bit more, it was actually this solution, wich solved my case...
didikunz wrote:Have you set your Windows according to this?
(German Windows, but all buttons etc. at the same position)

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