Wasp3D Soccer Application

Wasp3D Shotbox SDK based sample application to demonstrate how users can create custom application and control the graphics on wasp3d sting server. Please find the Application at the link given below:


Video Links:

Head To Head http://vimeo.com/161729530
Team Line Up http://vimeo.com/161729815
Team Line Up Players http://vimeo.com/161729810
Match Stats http://vimeo.com/161729805
Match Schedule http://vimeo.com/161729802
Score Band http://vimeo.com/161729799
League Table http://vimeo.com/161729799
Field Formation http://vimeo.com/161729786​
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Re: Wasp3D Soccer Application

thos-berlin wrote:If it has no relation to CasparCG, its only advertising....

...but gives a lot of inspiration for designing own CasparCG templates ;-)
AFAIK there is an interface to Caspar, so that the renderer outputs as a Caspar layer...
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Re: Wasp3D Soccer Application

We have created an Interface to casper as mentioned by @didikunz .This interface is forked at https://github.com/WASP3D/Server .

The sample application mentioned in my earlier post is an demonstrating application with real world scenario. The application demonstrate how user can create an custom application for soccer matches and how the graphics can be triggered to Wasp3d custom interface for CasperCG. This will allows you to have a end to end work flow solution utilizing CasperCG and wasp3d functionalities

The intention is to notify users who are currently using/evaluating CasperCG and want to have powerfull 3D graphics as a layer .For evaluation purpose, users can use our Community edition which is freely available.

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