Re: Fullscreen Playback of YouTube live streams

Swordh wrote:Isn't it easier to just download the clip first? you'll get rid of buffering and a more reliable source.
youtube-dl is a great tool for doing this.
Good point, but the topic talks about YouTube life streams...
Didi Kunz
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Re: Fullscreen Playback of YouTube live streams

I like to update with some more options
This works fine to get fullscreen playback, auto start playing, for live and normal youtube video's

get the embedcode

ad these options after ? for HD playback ..

so this should work
PLAY 1-1 [HTML] ... &nohtml5=1

the last option directs to flash playback, this is needed for live video
Casper switches automatic to this mode if you don't use this option, but with this option it starts faster.
If you get an playback error with caspercg with live streams you need to install the flash software from the CasperCG download site
Theo Kooijmans

Re: Fullscreen Playback of YouTube live streams

Now i get this whenever i try to play live streams but surprisingly non live videos play fine

Code: Select all

2017-01-17 16:43:51.139] [9428]  [info]    Received message from stop 1-91\r\n
[2017-01-17 16:43:51.140] [10600] [debug]   Executed command: StopCommand
[2017-01-17 16:43:51.140] [6996]  [warning] html[] window.requestAnimationFrame() never called. Animations might have been laggy
[2017-01-17 16:43:51.140] [10600] [info]    Sent message to 202 STOP OK\r\n
[2017-01-17 16:43:51.140] [6996]  [info]    html[] Uninitialized.
[2017-01-17 16:43:53.696] [9428]  [info]    Received message from play 1-91 [HTML] ""\r\n
[2017-01-17 16:43:53.697] [10600] [info]    html[] Initialized.
[2017-01-17 16:43:53.699] [10600] [info]    transition[empty=>html[]] Initialized.
[2017-01-17 16:43:53.699] [10600] [debug]   Executed command: PlayCommand
[2017-01-17 16:43:53.699] [10600] [info]    Sent message to 202 PLAY OK\r\n
[2017-01-17 16:43:53.735] [10948] [info]    transition[empty=>html[]] End Of File.
[2017-01-17 16:43:53.735] [10948] [info]    transition[empty=>html[]] Uninitialized.

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