Issue trying compile with Qt

I would like to view and compile the CasparCG Client code. I have tried with Qt creator 3.3.0 and the kit Qt-5.4.0 downloaded form your tools webpage.

Everytime I do "Build" of the Solution, I get this error (Compile Output):

CasparTemplate.o debug/CasparMedia.o debug/CasparData.o debug/AmcpDevice.o debug/moc_CasparDevice.o debug/moc_AmcpDevice.o -LC:/casper/Client-master/Client-master/build-Solution-Qt_5_4_0-Debug/Caspar/../Common/debug/ -lcommon -LC:/casper/Client-master/Client-master/build-Solution-Qt_5_4_0-Debug/Caspar/./debug/ -lcaspar -LC:/Qt/qt-5.4.0-x64-mingw492r0-seh-opengl/qt-5.4.0-x64-mingw492r0-seh-opengl/lib -lQt5Networkd -lQt5Cored
C:/casper/Client-master/Client-master/build-Solution-Qt_5_4_0-Debug/Caspar/./debug//caspar.dll: file not recognized: File truncated
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Makefile.Debug:101: recipe for target 'debug\caspar.dll' failed
mingw32-make[2]: *** [debug\caspar.dll] Error 1

Does anybody knows something about this error?


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