Re: How to find the length of a video clip

tsipas wrote:can anyone managed to get the response from SERVER to HIS CLIENT using the .net dll who delivered from SVT?
CasparDevice.RefreshTemplates() method stores list of templates in CasparDevice.Templates.All

Code: Select all

Sub refreshtemplate()
        For Each File In CasparDevice.Templates.All
            If UCase(File.FullName) Like "*" & UCase(txtsearchtemplate.Text) & "*" Then
                lsttemplate.Items.Add(UCase(Replace((File.FullName), "\", "/")))

            End If

    End Sub

CasparDevice.RefreshMediafiles() method stores the list of clips in CasparDevice.Mediafiles

Code: Select all

Sub refreshclips()
        On Error Resume Next
        For Each File In CasparDevice.Mediafiles
            If File.ToString Like "*" & UCase(txtsearch.Text) & "*" Then
                lstClips.Items.Add(Replace(File.ToString, "\", "/"))
            End If

    End Sub
Both the methods above are from Svt.Caspar.dll

Re: How to find the length of a video clip

Pulling up this old topic because it's relevant-
How accurate are the total frame counts returned by the CINF/INFO commands or in OSC messages?

That is, do they come from a file's metadata, ffmpeg looking at stream timestamps, ffmpeg counting the frames from start, or some other method? I've run into too many cases where the metadata is just wrong (1100 frames for a 28 minute program? I don't think so.) and the only way to get a vaguely accurate numbers was to actually play the file to a null device; not exactly speedy but does the job.

Or, where should I look in the server code for this? (bonus question- are these counts discovered when you play a clip or when the server starts up/notices new files?



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