Key and Fill over HDMI

Hi, is it possible to output key and fill through two separate hdmi ports on a graphics card as screen outputs? I know that it's better to use a decklink card such as the duo 2 and that using hdmi with go out of sync. Just testing some stuff while the decklink card is on order but getting a totally white screen for key and not sure if its a config error or not possible?


Re: Key and Fill over HDMI

Might help if I post the config file

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On the Atem, I just select camera 1 and camera 2 as /key/fill source and it should just work? Or is there something else I need to do on the Atem side to get it working?

Re: Key and Fill over HDMI

I got this working. It was a framerate issue. Atem was on 1080i50 and I had Caspar set to 1080i5000 which didn't work. Settings it to 1080i2500 got it working. Graphics card must be doing something funky with interlacing.