I need a programmer for a CasperCG application

I need a programmer for a CasperCG application.

This could be something to run in the standard client or a new client.
It is for our racing broadcast where we need a lower third displaying:
  • - Name from a file
    - Entrant number as image (we have images 1 through 8)
    - Elapse time ticker: from live XML data
    - Sectional times 2 entrants with 2 sectional times totalling 4: from live XML data
    - Finish time for two entrants
I have more details here> http://www.play.digicast.com.au/client/casparcg/01.html

The job is the go live May 10th 2018, so that is soon I know.

The company supplying the live data feed suggest the data is live XML, but have suggested that it could be supplied as something else, is there a better format to receive the live data as?
They will also be providing this data as a local web page for the commentators to preview.

Is there anyone that would like to work on this project?