Mouse interaction for quiz


I would like to build some templates for a quiz. This quiz uses a big touchscreen which quizplayers can use to answer some questions.
Besides this touchscreen I would like to use a different template with the same data to output a fill/key to add questions to the screen.

My question is if it's possible to use the touchscreen functionality for user interaction so I can register clicks on a button by example and send this info back to the template. On this way I can manipulate the content on the touchscreen based on user input while I still use Caspar for outputting the graphics.


Re: Mouse interaction for quiz

I've done a "million" of these. HTML + websockets. Send the interaction over websockets to the template running CCG.

Something like will get you started. I don't have any examples that aren't too specific.

I've used this for games, telestrators etc...

The most popular game show in Iceland is built around Chromebooks for the players and their interactions being mirrored to Caspar.