Flash Template flickering

Hello Everyone,

After more than a year I work with caspar again. I worked with bigger flash template before without any problems.
But now I have a small problem. I have a template with dynamic text and different layers of png sequences. When I start the output, everything is fine, but after a few seconds the layers of the template start flickering (only the animated part and not all at the same time). The video that plays at the same time in the background for exammple works without any problems, so it is only my flash template making problems.

EDIT: I realized, when I play the file a few times again, it will also flicker at the begining. But when I play the preinstalled templates, everything works fine.

What could be the reason for this? Could it be, that the template itself is already wrongly saved by the template generator already? I attached the .ft file to this post.

Thank you in advance for your feedback!
Learning by doing!
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Re: Flash Template flickering

Your template crashed my caspar consumer!

[2018-03-29 18:55:51.619] [10200] [error] producer\filter\filter.cpp(229): Throw in function caspar::ffmpeg::`anonymous-namespace'::<lambda7>::operator ()
Dynamic exception type: class boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<struct caspar::ffmpeg::ffmpeg_error>
std::exception::what: Unknown exception
[struct boost::errinfo_api_function_ *] = av_buffersrc_add_frame( video_graph_in_, src_av_frame.get())
12, "Not enough space"[struct caspar::tag_msg_info *] =
[struct caspar::tag_source_info *] =

Re: Flash Template flickering

Interesting. I wonder what is wrong with the template, or let's say with my flash project. It's really just pictures, dynamic texts and one stop() command.
Has really noone ever had an issue like this before or a possible solution?

EDIT: Okay I have just realized another thing. When the template is played, it takes about 1.5GB of RAM! This is getting weird.
Learning by doing!