Simple sports templates and client

I've created a handful of HTML templates for sports broadcasts, and written a custom client in Python to drive them.

There is a score bug, a count up/down timer, and a couple of lower third options. It started out covering "generic" sports such as football, and I have added specialised clients for basketball, rugby and lawn bowls (more can be created easily).

This is a sample of what the score bug and clock look like:
Here's the rugby operator panel:
For the full set of screenshots, technical details and a promo video see .

I have yet to properly battle-test all this, but I am making it available for free on request. I am thinking about putting it up on GitHub.

Many thanks to all those who have shared their work - some of which I have drawn on in creating these templates - and especially to the CasparCG team themselves!

Re: Simple sports templates and client

I was having a tough time finding up to date templates which worked without too much hassle but between these and the PHP connector code from tjenkinson I've learnt a ton of stuff over the weekend.

So really just a thanks to Scott, but also to everyone else who's made templates available. i'm slowly figuring out now how some of the others work so maybe I'll be able to make some custom templates one day too. :)