Preview in Livecode created client


I want to make a simple client for CasparCG to record a input signal from my Decklink card.
I'm using livecode for this.

Is it possible to live preview the input signal from my decklink card into my client software I want to create?

Is it also possible create a mixer grid 4x1 into a screen consumer?

Jan Hein

Re: Preview in Livecode created client

I normally use windows API functions to grab caspars preview frame and scale it into a window in my clients. But if that works in LiveCode, I don't know. And yes, a mixer grid can be created in any output, be it a screen or a Decklink or whatever.
Didi Kunz
CasparCG Client-Programmer, Template Maker & Live CG-Operator
Media Support, CH-5722 Gränichen, Switzerland
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