freelance dev needed

Hi I first made a similar post in the community forum, I think this thread is more appropriate to my request.

We are a French community radio station, we need for our video live streaming to play some videos in sync with audio played from radio automation software (ProppFrexx).

similar solution exists but is part of a software suite that would be useless for us, this existing solution is using casparcg.

The server must be able to auto render a video when the automation software is playing the related audio file.

I'm not a casparcg expert so I don't know what sync solution could be the best option,
probably dedicated data with sync from audio file tag combined airplay time.
or particular audio informations from the video file?
or both.
note that the radio software is able to play mp4 files (only the audio of it) so if both files are the same maybe there's an easy way to do it.

We have a little budget for this tool.


Re: freelance dev needed

I saw it in the other tread also. Most of us use the "Unread posts" button on top to see all new posts. So if nobody answers it's probably not because nobody sees it, but that nobody has a quick solution. I would not want to try to sync a videoclip to a playing audio clip, because it will not be in sync. (If anybody proves me the contrary, good. I would like to see that running with any audio and videoclip, not only these, they prepared for the show). The way to go is to convince the ProppFrexx guys to let their ONAIR player also handle video. Either by using Caspar as a playout engine or by using their own. Other radio software can do that.
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