Dynamic Still Image Pan and Zoom

Hi All,
I am brand new to CasparCG so I apologize if this is a very simple question. I am trying to build a template that can take a set of 3 still images and automate the process of putting a slow pan and zoom on the images and loop the resulting video. We use this as a graphic element when we have callers on our show who we have no video feed of. Currently we build these manually in a Blackmagic Fusion project which requires rendering each video and then we play the videos using a media channel in our mixer. It seems like CasparCG might be able to greatly simplify this process. Eventually, I would like this graphic to handle images of all kinds of resolutions. We scale the images to be as close to 1080 as possible, and then when the aspect ratios don't fit 16:9 we add a second layer of the same image behind the main image with the background image zoomed in further and with a slight blur added so the fullscreen video is filled with the large blurred background and the other image is animated on top. Hope this makes sense. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Re: Dynamic Still Image Pan and Zoom

It is actually simple but not VERY simple. You need to build a template in Flash or HTML, that gets the image send to it and scale and blur it. That is not too complicate, when you know how to create templates with dynymic images (I only know the Flash way). See this tutorial: http://casparcg.com/wiki/Content_/_Medi ... h_Template The rest is a bit of scripting to make the image got scaled and blurred in the background.
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