Playback crashing issues

Hi everyone,

First time posting here. I am having some playback crashing issues on one of my servers. It is running version 2.7 on Windows 7 and has Blackmagic Decklink Quad 2 Duo cards installed.

It has been on 2.7 for quite a while and was working correctly for at least a year and a half before having issues. Nothing was updated (as far as I know) on the machine in that time.

So the general idea is that there are four channels of video playing at the same time; different content but same resolution and refresh rate. All configured properly in the config file. I first noticed the issues when one of the channels would basically freeze. I would restart the server and all would be well for a period of time and then a channel (sometimes the same one, sometimes different) would freeze again. I tried stopping the file and clearing the channel(s), but neither worked. The time between crashes would change as well. Sometimes it would be good for an hour, sometimes just a few minutes. Sometimes the same channel would crash, sometimes a different one. There were a few select times when multiple channels would crash, but that was nowhere near as common as a single channel.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the decklink card software, using different versions of the software, uninstalling Caspar 2.7 and reinstalling, re-rendering all of my content as a different codec and refresh rate and changing the config file to accommodate. Nothing has worked so far.

Does anyone have any ideas? I am a bit confused as to what could have happened.


Re: Playback crashing issues

Has the content-encoding process changed? V2.0.7 was rather sensitive to anomalies in video clip encoding*, and recall seeing some freezes/hangs mpeg2 content, but can't recall at this point what that was. I did file a bug on one of the crashes, but that was over a year ago and mpg file specific.

*some error conditions aren't well-handled, nor are some otherwise-valid flags (like 3:2 pulldown); not caspar's fault as it's not really a general-purpose media player


Re: Playback crashing issues

The files being played were the same encoding from when it was playing fine to when it started to freeze/lock up. Leading me to believe something else has updated/changed without my knowledge.

We did change the encoding as a test, but that did not solve the issue unfortunately.

I think the next step is to try to find an old system restore (not sure if we had it on) and test the cards. The system was probably 2-3 years old and played the content on loop for 12+ hours approximately 10 days out of each month.

Re: Playback crashing issues

adunham1 wrote: I think the next step is to try to find an old system restore (not sure if we had it on) and test the cards.
Search google for "windows system restore points" It should create them automatiocally every time something is installed. You should be able to find them on your system.
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Re: Playback crashing issues

well, you can try to uninstall the video card drivers and restart the computer and let windows install the generic drivers and then check if the videos play fine. Or you can try to use hd video converter factory to find the video issues.