PSD Producer - [producer] layer tag


I'm trying to produce some templates using the PSD producer (server v2.1.0.478), and I'm hoping that someone can help to clarify my understanding of the [producer] layer tag documented in the Wiki.

I have a PSD template called "2TEST" that contains a layer called "prod" which is marked with the [producer] tag. I want the contents of this layer to be dynamically filled with an image at runtime. If I'm interpreting the Wiki correctly, I need to load the image I want using the AMCP Load command using the layer name as an argument like so

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This results in the image being loaded and displayed on the output,

If I then run the command to load my PSD template:

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CG 1 ADD 1 2TEST 1
I get a 404 error
No match found for supplied commands
Obviously there's something that I'm doing wrong, so my question is whether or not the [producer] tag correct for what I'm trying to achieve, and if so, what commands do I need to run for it to work correctly?