Tween smoothness


I'm using a Tweener to move an rectangle in or out in a Flash Template.

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Tweener.addTween(twitterbalk, {x:-1400, transition: "easeOutExpo", delay: 1.0, time:0.5});

Evertyhing in this templates works smooth except the moving of this rectangle. You can see it flickering especially when the easing is done.
Does anyone know how I can improve this tween so it looks more smooth?

Re: Tween smoothness

I'm using the Greensock Blitmask but the Tween never starts in the template. The template loads and populates the text fields but never starts scrolling. If I test from Animate it scrolls as it should. I am calling the BlitMask onUpdate method in TweenLite.

Any ideas why the Tween won't start in the template?

Re: Tween smoothness

I start the tween in ActionScript.

I am building a football team squad list that scrolls horizontally across the bottom of the screen, using BlitMask and TweenLite.

I am trying to tween a single movie clip (on the x axis) that contains four child clips and each of those four clips contains a single text field. All four text fields are being populated successfully by an overridden call to SetData() and passing in xml. Straight after all the text fields are populated I call the tween. I am just testing for now with four fields but eventually there will be eleven. Here is what I call after the fields are populated:

var blitMask:BlitMask = new BlitMask(playerStrip, 220, 995, 1700, 80, true);, 30, {x: -3000, ease: Linear.easeNone, onStart:blitMask.enableBitmapMode, onUpdate:blitMask.update});

As I said this all works fine in Animate but won't start when run from the template.

Re: Tween smoothness

OK I've now got the Tween to start by placing the code on the timeline on either frame 1 or frame 2 (to allow time for the text to load) - both work. However, now the tweened clip suddenly disappears after about 2 seconds despite the tween duration being set to 30 secs.

I've also tried different values for the tween duration and it seems the tween will function for approximately 50% of the duration value before disappearing. Too bizarre!