Student project : CasparCG Client

Hi everyone.

First and foremost, let me introduce us. We're a group of four students : Alexandre, Baptiste, Simon and Lionel. A part of our semester in a Computer Science Engineering school is developing an application mostly from the ground up. The subject is ours to choose, and Simon suggested we make a new client for CasparCG. It might sound ambitious, but we're convinced we can do it!

Of course, our mindset is not to remake the existing client with another technology. We want to design something else. Simon works on the side with a non-profit association that specializes in capturing live events at a lower cost. A member of the association wanted a CasparCG client shaped a bit more to his needs: very much "on the go", with two or three cameras set up.

As our time and availability are limited, we want to make the most of them. We aim for the following features being available around this summer :
  • Recording of live feeds
  • Playlist management (creation, edition...)
  • Video routing via crosspoint
  • Virtual video switcher
  • Configuration of the character generator
  • Multiple users access
  • Remote configuration of the CasparCG Server, with a nice user interface
  • Remote management of the CasparCG Server (logs, rebooting...)
Our main objective is to make the most used features handier to use.

So, let's get to the point. Why are we posting about our project in its very beginning ? Well, we think the CasparCG community can help us ! For now, we're looking for ideas, and, eventually, for feedback from regular users of CasparCG or other developers.

What would you like to see in such a client ?
What are some things you feel could be improved in the official CasparCG Client ?
What are the features you use the most ?

Also, feel free to ask the team about anything !

The client will of course be open source, most likely under the GNU General Public License 3.

Thanks a lot,

Re: Student project : CasparCG Client

As a student myself, it is great to see other students involved.

If we were to implement a new client, here is what we would need:

Our station currently uses a Leightronix Ultranexus 2x2. It is all analog NTSC, and it is showing its age. However, its interface is actually very good.

We have two output channels: local buildings (school broadcast channel) and the community channel, which actually goes to a local provider. Currently, we are filming most of our shows in 1080i via SDI, but everything has to get downgraded.

If we wanted to switch over, here is what our software would require:
-Support for multiple inputs and outputs (for various distributions, we have one channel for local school buildings and one channel that goes to a cable provider).
-Support for recording from these inputs to hard disks
-Support for being able to override these schedulers for a live output to one or both of the (would be) Decklink cards.
-Support for scheduling by time, day of the week. (Being able to have the software automatically calculate when to start and end shows so they don't overlap would be good.
- An "upcoming programs" template that is auto populated (like the onscreen program guide here: ... tures.html

Those are the things we would like to be able to see in a client for us.

If we can help in any way, please let us know.

Thank you,

Re: Student project : CasparCG Client

Because the OpenSlomo project seems to be death, and a lot peopele needs a small budget slow motion system, this would be a great feature.

Maybe with a great number of possible cue points for this and the ability to set them from an external client (eg. a scorebord system, so every goal/point generates automatically a cueppint entry perhpaps with a definde preroll.

But I think, there also are modifications at server necessary :-(

My next idea is a more comfortable editor for template text fields. Maybe the client could read the existing fields from a template and generates a list for filling them insted of manually writing them field per field. This would make using lower thirds on the fly more better. The second advantage would be, that third party templates could be used without knowing all fieldnames, because the client shows them....

Re: Student project : CasparCG Client

What would you like to see in such a client ?
What are some things you feel could be improved in the official CasparCG Client ?
What are the features you use the most ?
My cents on the feature list:
. VT playout: seek to frames with preview (controlled via OSC would be nice)
. Recording live feeds with start/stop buttons and and rec display indicator

Re: Student project : CasparCG Client

What are some things you feel could be improved in the official CasparCG Client ?
·it would be great that the client can work with time code, on a broadcast enviroment is very useful. :) Currently there are platforms as a EVS which is really great, but the thing is that it's so expensive. I think that if you guys can find the way to work with Timecode, it will be a very interesting client.