Quadro P2000 vs GTX chipset

Hi Forum people,

Quick question regarding the different chipsets.. I'm planning on building some new systems to run fill/key and a video channel over (Decklink Cards) but I'm intrested in the Quadro P2000 performance vs a GTX1070 (roughly same price). Do you think it's more bang for you buck to go for a GTX chip or Quadro?

Dennis Bijsterveld

Re: Quadro P2000 vs GTX chipset

GTX's are usually faster, quadros generally have more stable drivers / memory.

But, at the same time, I know of a system running CasparCG 24/7 on an intel integrated gpu and that system hasn't gone down in about 8 months (planned migration), and about 2 years of uptime prior to that. So, in general, I'd say that any well tested gpu is a pretty good bet but if you have very high profile clients you might opt for the quadro instead.
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