CasparCG Client Settings

Hello all.

Can anyone tell me where the CasparCG client stores it's settings, please?

Basically, for every new user on each client computer, we have to ask them to add the two CasparCG servers we use, but I'd like to cut that out and have it deployed for the user when the user logs in, probably via a batch script.

Thanks, James.
Technical helper at KTV

Re: CasparCG Client Settings

Yep, that was spot on, it lives in a an SQL Lite db file.

Just for anyone else that might want to do this, I've made a bat file with the following line to copy the source folder structure and DB to each local user upon login (the batch script is called by a GPO I setup for the computers):
robocopy \\networkfolder\where\main\is\stored %HOMEPATH%\.CasparCG /E
Thanks, James.
Technical helper at KTV