CasparCG 2.07 simple Playout stalls

Hi there!

I have a number of 1080i50 ProRes 422 HQ files on an SSD (formatted exFAT) that don't play nicely in CCG.

I've tried playing a single file using either the official CCG client as well as the Simple Playout utility found on this forum but it stalls after a minute or so without throwing an error message in the console of CCG. The video playback just stops. Both the client as well as the Simple Playout util do see this happening (time stops running)

Anyone seen this before? Should I use a different codec?

System details:
Core i7 6700 (2.8 Ghz)
40 GB SSD system drive
512 GB SSD media drive
Blackmagic 4K Pro
Windows 7 Pro

Re: CasparCG 2.07 simple Playout stalls

Nobody ever seen this before? I don't have a discrete GPU but seeing as I don't use any graphics, only playing back videofiles, I didn't think that would matter.. Windows and BIOS have been fully optimized for realtime A/V usage..

Please advise.. If the problem could be the codec in use, which codec would you suggest I use instead?

Thanks ahead!