Server 2.1 Render artifacts


On my laptop running Windows 10 i have issues running 2.1 (both Beta 1 and 2).
Installed 2.1 and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable as instructed in the readme file, everything starts nicely without any errors logged in console.

On playout there is some strange blocked artifacts. Please have a look at the attached example for reference. All kinds of media types; images, videos and HTML looks the same. The output is the same on SDI output thru BMD DeckLink Duo 2 and on the Screen Consumer.

Have played around with config files, tried both with or without SDI and/or Screen output. Always the same result.
Tried downgrading to CasparCG Server 2.0.7 where everything runs just fine and everything looks good.

Have anyone experienced the same or do know anything about what could cause this render issue?