Multi-format playout

Hi there!

I want to use CasparCG to playout simple test files in different formats for testing purposes. I want users to be able to load a new playlist for different formats, like 1080i50, 1080i5994, 2160p50/60

I would like to use only 1 Decklink 4K Pro card.


- Can I create 1 channel that supports multiple formats?
- Can I create multiple channels that all use the same Decklink consumer?

I can of course 'hack' my way through this by closing CCG, loading a new config and relaunching but I'd prefer not to if at all possible..

I'll be running this on a Win 10 Pro machine, Core i7 6700

Thanks ahead!

Re: Multi-format playout


no, you can't use the same decklink consumer in more than one channel and no, you can't have a channel that outputs different formats.

But you can play video in, say 720p on a 1080i channel.

You can add and remove channels by AMCP commads, so you could wirte a client that adds the appropriate channel without the need of restarting ccg.

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Re: Multi-format playout

As mcdikki already said, you can create a channel dynamically using the ADD command: and REMOVE again after use: ... col#REMOVE You could write a simple GUI that the user is able to select the resolution and framerate etc. and then issue the appropriate commands to create the output channel. After that your software can play the test files with normal Caspar PLAY and STOP commands.
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