Syncing templates playout

Ok hopefully not to much of a stupid question!
I want to sync the playout of two matching templates (which are different in colour only) through two channels.

I'm I right to think that I'll need to use the 'load' command for both templates first to setdata, then play?

Can I use play to start both templates at the same time? Something like play 1-1, 2-1?

Re: Syncing templates playout

No, you need to send two individual commands. To make it as sync as possible I would use the CG ADD (not load) command with autoplay set to 0 (false) and a few seconds later issue the CG PLAY commands. That helps Caspar to prepare the templates in advance.
Didi Kunz
CasparCG Client-Programmer, Template Maker & Live CG-Operator
Media Support, CH-5722 Gränichen, Switzerland
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