Trouble updating UILoader source from SetData

Hi Guys,

I got a symbol in the main FLASH CS6 timeline, present from first frame.
In this symbol, there is a UILoader, also present from symbol first internal animation frame, and some dynamic texts.
I succeded to update UILoader source from SetData function... and of course dynamic texts.

However, when i add a mask in the main timeline to mask the symbol, dynamic texts still works but UILoader doesn't work anymore (looks like empty, no source, not updated).

Is it because UILoader is outside the mask at the first internal animation frame ?
How to solve this ?


Re: Trouble updating UILoader source from SetData

dangb wrote:
23 Nov 2017, 16:14
I might be wrong but i think uiloader animation/control has to all be done in actionscript rather than in the timeline?
I would say so, but I never tried it in the timeline, as I always have a separate .as file anyway.
Didi Kunz
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