Policy for new forum user accounts

For long time I was thinking about writing about how I evaluate new user accounts, which one I delete and which one I allow. My fear is, that potential SPAMers could read this and change their tactics based on it. But, as for about a week or so I deleted practacally every new account, I think for new forum users it would be good to know, why their newly created account probably get deleted multiple times.
  • GMail and Yahoo and other public e-mail service accounts are mostly used by SPAMers, as they can easy be created.
  • If these public accounts have a lot of dots in it like my.very.nice.address@gmal.com they mostly are deleted.
  • If these public accounts have a mentionig of sex or online casino etc. they get deleted anyway.
  • If it is not one of these public mail services, I normally try to open the webaddress part of the e-mail. If that is a page that has something to do with TV or video: Good!
  • In any other case my descission is based on my current mood :)
If any new user's first posting is SPAM, the whole account with all posts is deleted, I don't mess with blocking.
So I hope, that new users know what to do now and not to many SPAMers learn from it :)
Didi Kunz
CasparCG Client-Programmer, Template Maker & Live CG-Operator
Media Support, CH-5722 Gränichen, Switzerland http://mediasupport.ch/
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