NVENC Support in FFMPEG Static Build

I've been finding that we are using more and more IP based delivery, so I've been attempting to use CasparCG in a streaming only setup, where the only consumer is ffmpeg. This kind of delivery allows us to run CasparCG in a cloud configuration, where installations are dynamic across hardware. I was recently even able to run a CasparCG linear channel in Amazon AWS.

To improve the stability of the streams; however, I'm looking to add more video codecs to the static ffmpeg build so I can offload some of the CPU load to the GPU. I added in the Nvidia SDK for video encoding and then added the --enable-nonfree --enable-nvenc to the build scripts for ffmpeg, but when I compile everything I am still getting an error from ffmpeg saying that the encoder is not found. Do you think that the community would consider adding NVENC to the official build? It would be awesome to have hardware acceleration for more of CasparCG.

I'm going to keep trying, but any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated!