Clip vs Fill

Hello all.
I'm sorry if this has already been asked multiple times I wasn't able to find a suitable answer in this forum.
English is not my native langage and I can't manage to understand the differences between these commands.

What I have :

FILL [x:float] [y:float] [x-scale:float] [y-scale:float]
  • Scales the video stream on the specified layer
CLIP [x:float] [y:float] [x-scale:float] [y-slace:float]
  • Defines the rectangular viewport where a layer is rendered thru on the screen without being affected by MIXER FILL

Can you say they do exactly the same thing if no other Transformation is used ?
Do you have an example where we would need to use Clip and Fill on a same layer ?

Thanks a lot

Re: Clip vs Fill

FILL will just scale layer (or channel) to specified size and put it to specified position.
Clip will cut out region on screen by specified parameters.
Or course if you set same parameters to FILL and CLIP you will not see any change on output - because region of CLIP perfectly matches FILL.
Try to play some static image any play around with both mixers.