Will this server work??

Hi hoping you guys can help, Just been given a DELL R200 server which has a 3.16 Dual core, 8GB Ram, Windows 10 64bit, also I believe only a 32MB VGA graphics chip (so not very good)

I'd like to run Casper CG on it, so my question is would/will it work?? i'd like to run Key and fill and one Video (VT) channel. There are two card slots so was planning to run a single card in one and a dual card in the other to give me the tree channels.

So my question is do you think this will work ? does Casper CG use the Graphics card for processing as well?? If so I'm guessing id need to put a Graphics card in, if that's the case id have to go the Blackmagic Quad card route I guess? Any suggestions gratefully received, got the computer for free but don't want to spend loads to get it to work (I expect to pay a fair bit for a BM quad card, hence why I'm hoping I can go the dual and single card route)

Many thanks