HPE dl20 small 1ru server build

Hi guys,

Figured I might post a cheap 1ru server build I just did for CasparCG which is working well for me (so far)

Firstly I got a HPe DL20 Gen9 Server, the nice thing about this server is that 1 it fits in my 4ru road ready case, it is 1 ru and has 2x Pci-e 8x slots (one low profile).

So here is what I put in it.
I got the DL20 with the fastest CPU available, the spec says it comes with a Quadro card, it doesn't it comes with a matrox card. BUt it can have a Quadro card installed but that kills one of the PCI-8 slots.

So I put a Quadlink duo 2 in it ans a pny low profile GT710 card in it (not the greatest card, but it is single slot low profile which is required.).
I had to "modify" the rack kit (angle grinder) to make it fit in the Road Ready Case, it was a simple mod and took about 10min. I had to make all the lengths shorter.

I've been testing with Video playback, and with HTML5 and it has been working well. Its a little noisy but all 1ru servers are.

All up this was less then $2k AUD


Re: HPE dl20 small 1ru server build

Hi Kingsley,
Thank you for your info!
Just for the clarify, which operation system are you using? We wanted to try this server but this server is supporting just windows server editions. Or am i wrong?
We like this type of server, HPE DL20 because the dimensions are very nice. We are using this servers for another purposes (VSM Studio) with redundand power supply etc.... and are very stable. So if is here same chance to use them for Caspar, it can be perfect.

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Re: HPE dl20 small 1ru server build

This configuration is pretty good! Be aware that the two PCIe ports are 8x -electrical-, limiting the GPU options (the motherboard has only one PCIe x16, and the riser converts it into 2 PCIe 8x). Testing the system with a GT730 and a Duo2, the results are very good for playback and HTML templates. It can handle 1080i50 without problems.

Thanks Kingsley for sharing the info!