Flash Error in Caspar

Hi Guys.

I've got an odd problem on one of my machines.
Caspar 2.0.7 running frontend
Custom Caspar Client

in my logs i'm getting the following :
[2017-04-27 15:50:37.831] [15672] [warning] flash-player[cg20.fth.1080i5000|1920x1080] Flash call failed:<exception>TypeError: Error #1095</exception>

Whats odd, is that when i load the same .ft file in the Caspar Client, it plays fine.

This is a new problem, worked last weekend just fine, today it's giving isuses. It's a different machine, and I currently don't have access to last weekend's machine (it's 1000km away), but just curious as to what i should be looking for.