Multiporpouse client in livecode

Hi friends, i pass the last months working in my oun client. Now its working in 90%, but now i have two problems, First, i cant have a OSC communication between the server and the client, and i cant work with dynamic images in a sport client.
news client.png
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The interface is in spanish becouse we work in Colombia for now, but its possible built a inglish version later.

I waiting to finish this two topics for make a test video for you, meanwhile, i need help for make it work to 100%. The OSC problem is whit client, but the image loader is whit flash templates. I work wiht the example in the wiki, but i dont have luck whit this. This is the code in flash that i make for test in the caspar original client:

import flash.display.MovieClip;
import se.svt.caspar.ICommunicationManager;
import se.svt.caspar.IRegisteredDataSharer;
import se.svt.caspar.template.CasparTemplate;

public class texto_1_lineaescudo extends CasparTemplate
private const customParameterDescription:XML =
<parameter id="Escudo1" type="string" info="File URL for Flag" />

override public function SetData (xmlData:XML) :void
for each (var element:XML in xmlData.children())
if (element.@id == "Escudo1")
Escudo1.source =;
super.SetData (xmlData);
Thanks for any help.


Re: Multiporpouse client in livecode

I also use Livecode for front end applications but I load HTML pages instead of flash templates. I have made several apps like scroller, ticker, scoreboards and supers. I was going to make an all-in-one application like you have. If you are willing to share your livecode script, I can adapt it to HTML and translate to english if u like. Feel free to message me.

Re: Multiporpouse client in livecode

Hi raugert, thanks for your message. Well, im not a programmer, i know somethings about it but really i´m a broadcast producer. Is possible that my code have some redundant codes but of course, when i finished those two topics of my client i´m going to share it. For now i dont have usable the social media, the multiwindow, the scroll, roll and tikers sections but for now was a lot of work, learning and many hours in front of the pc. Thanks again, the next week i compile a demo and share the code.