Re: Decklink Mini Recorder HDMI

Sorry, I don't use a Decklink Mini Recorder for caspar-Input, but why not ? With other Software it works. Maybe someone here can confirm.

The card can only capture one Signal, SDI or HDMI, not both, at the same time. Maybe you have to switch between the inputs usig the BMC control Software, but I think, there is autodetect. Sorry, I don't know and can't try it this week.

Keep in mind, that the BMD-Hardware only supports TV compliant framerates and resolutions. So you have to set your PC-HDMI right.

And a remark: BMD hardware often has problems with long (more than 5m/15ft) HDMI cables. I don't know the situation for BMD Mini Recorder, but for longer distances I would suggest SDI. Maybe a cheep (e.g. Liqoo or similar China-) HDMI to SDI converter from Amazon fits your need and budget...

Re: Decklink Mini Recorder HDMI

The length would only be about a foot. We need to take the PC screen, which would be 1080 into the card, and we have tested these resolutions on our BMD switcher with no problems. We just wanted to see if anyone else has experience with it. I'll pick one up and see how it goes, thanks.