CasparCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2 Released

CasparCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2 was just uploaded and it's now available both for Windows and for Linux.

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Linux: ... nux.tar.gz
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CasparCG 2.1.0 Beta 2 (w.r.t 2.1.0 Beta 1)


  o Fail early with clear error message if configured paths are not
  o Added backwards compatibility (with deprecation warning) for using
    thumbnails-path instead of thumbnail-path in casparcg.config.
  o Suppress the logging of full path names in stack traces so that only the
    relative path within the source tree is visible.
  o General stability improvements.
  o Native thread id is now logged in Linux as well. Finally they are mappable
    against INFO THREADS, ps and top.
  o Created automatically generated build number, so that it is easier to see
    whether a build is newer or older than an other.
  o Changed configuration element mipmapping_default_on to mipmapping-default-on
    for consistency with the rest of the configuration (Jesper Stærkær).
  o Handle stdin EOF as EXIT.
  o Added support for RESTART in Linux startup script
  o Copy casparcg_auto_restart.bat into Windows releases.
  o Fixed bug with thumbnail generation when there are .-files in the media
  o Removed CMake platform specification in Linux build script
    (Krzysztof Pyrkosz).
  o Build script for building FFmpeg for Linux now part of the repository.
    Contributions during development (not w.r.t 2.1.0 Beta 1):
    + Fix ffmpeg build dependencies on clean Ubuntu desktop amd64 14.04.3 or
      higher (Walter Sonius).
  o Added support for video modes 2160p5000, 2160p5994 and 2160p6000
    (Antonio Ruano Cuesta).
  o Fixed serious buffer overrun in FFmpeg logging code.


  o FFmpeg consumer:
    + Fixed long overdue bug where HD material was always recorded using the
      BT.601 color matrix instead of the BT.709 color matrix. RGB codecs like
      qtrle was never affected but all the YCbCr based codecs were.
    + Fixed bug in parsing of paths containing -.
    + Fixed bugs where previously effective arguments like -pix_fmt were
    + Fixed bug where interlaced channels where not recorded correctly for
      some codecs.
  o DeckLink consumer:
    + Rewrote the frame hand-off between send() and ScheduledFrameCompleted() in
      a way that hopefully resolves all dead-lock scenarios previously possible.
  o Bluefish consumer:
    + Largely rewritten against newest SDK Driver (Satchit Nambiar and
      James Wise sponsored by Bluefish444):
      + Added support for Epoch Neutron and Supernova CG. All current Epoch
        cards are now supported.
      + Added support for for multiple SDI channels per card. 1 to 4 channels
        per Bluefish444 card depending on model and firmware.
      + Added support for single SDI output, complementing existing external key
        output support.
      + Added support for internal key using the Bluefish444 hardware keyer.
  o Screen consumer:
    + Fixed full screen mode.


  o FFmpeg producer:
    + Increased the max number of frames that audio/video can be badly
      interleaved with (Dimitry Ishenko).
    + Fixed bug where decoders sometimes requires more than one video packet to
      decode the first frame.
    + Added support for IN and OUT parameters (Dimitry Ishenko).
    + Added DV/HDV video device support under Linux (Walter Sonius).
    + Remove unused flags variable in queued_seek (Dimitry Ishenko).
    + Now recognizes .ts files without probing contents (Ovidijus Striaukas).
    + Fixed uninitialized value causing initial log printout to usually say that
      clips are interlaced when they are not.
  o Destroy producer proxy:
    + Created workaround for bug in FFmpeg where every new thread used to
      cleanup caused handles to leak (not sure why). Reduced the effect by using
      only one thread for all producer destructions.
  o Framerate producer:
    + Fixed bug when INFO was used on a not yet playing framerate producer.
  o HTML producer:
    + Fixed bug where only URL:s with . in them where recognized.
  o Image producer:
    + Added LENGTH parameter to allow for queueing with LOADBG AUTO.
    + Fixed inconsistency in what file extensions are supported vs listed in
  o Layer producer:
    + Fixed serious bug where a circular reference of layer producers caused a
      stack overflow and server crash.
    + Can now route from layer on a channel with an incompatible framerate.
  o Channel producer:
    + Can now route from channel with an incompatible framerate.
    + Deinterlaces interlaced content from source channel.
    + Added optional NO_AUTO_DEINTERLACE parameter to opt out of the mentioned
  o Scene producer:
    + Added abs(), floor(), to_lower(), to_upper() and length() functions to the
      expression language.
    + Created XML Schema for the *.scene XML format. Allows for IDE-like auto-
      completion, API documentation and validation.
    + Added possibility to specify the width and height of a layer instead of
      letting the producer on the layer decide.
    + Added global variables scene_width, scene_height and fps.
    + Made it possible to use expressions in keyframe values.
    + Fixed serious bug where uninitialized values were used.
    + Created more example scenes.
    + Can now forward CALL, CG PLAY, CG STOP, CG NEXT and CG INVOKE to the
      producer on a layer.
  o CG proxy wrapper producer:
    + New in 2.1.0.
    + Allows all CG producers to be used as an ordinary producer inside a layer
      in a scene.
    + Allows the Scene producer to know what variables are available in a
  o Color producer:
    + Now has support for gradients.
  o PSD producer:
    + Added support for centered and right justified text.
  o Text producer:
    + Fixed bug where tracking contributed to the overall text width on the
      last character.


  o Fixed bug in the contrast/saturation/brightness code where the wrong luma
    coefficients was used.
  o Rewrote the chroma key code to support variable hue, instead of fixed green
    or blue. Threshold setting was removed in favour of separate hue width,
    minimum saturation and minimum brightness constraints. Also a much more
    effective spill suppression method was implemented.
  o Fixed bug where glReadPixels() was done from the last drawn to texture
    instead of always from the target texture. This means that for example a
    MIXER KEYER layer without a layer above to key, as well as a separate alpha
    file with MIXER OPACITY 0 now works as expected.
  o Fixed bug where already drawn GL_QUADS were not composited against, causing
    for example italic texts to be rendered incorrectly in the text_producer.


  o INFO PATHS now adds all the path elements even if they are using the default
  o MIXER CHROMA syntax deprecated (still supported) in favour of the more
    advanced syntax required by the rewritten chroma key code.
  o Added special command REQ that can be prepended before any command to
    identify the response with a client specified request id, allowing a client
    to know exactly what asynchronous response matched a specific request.
  o Added support for listing contents of a specific directory for CLS, TLS,
  o Fixed bug where CINF only returned the first match.
  o Fixed bug where a client closing the connection after BYE instead of
    letting the server close the connection caused an exception to be logged.

Re: CasparCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2 Released

Good update !! Thanks.

but the Chromium Framework library is not update, still using the same library from previous version.

I have already testing the HTML Template using standard Arial font, and still get "not smoothing" font shape :)
font-smooth-problem.jpg (101.71 KiB) Viewed 2396 times

Re: CasparCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2 Released

I just tested the File recorder.
recording options are still ignored.
I tested with this command
ADD 1 FILE myfile.mp4 -vcodec libx264 -preset medium -tune film -crf 25 and
ADD 1 FILE "" -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -tune fastdecode
But you can try with any filetype, it defaults always to some 444 high bitrate setting....
Theo Kooijmans

Re: CasparCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2 Released

mrkai wrote:Does someone know why if you send a AMCP command "INFO SERVER" you don't get the status of the layer anymore? Originally you got the status, playing, stopped, paused etc. I really need this so hopefully someone can tell me where to find this now.
If you read here: ... NFO_SERVER it sais, that you get informations on all channels based on the config. It sais nothing about the status. This seems to be returned by other INFO commands.
Didi Kunz
CasparCG Client-Programmer, Template Maker & Live CG-Operator
Media Support, CH-5722 Gränichen, Switzerland
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Re: CasparCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2 Released

I did a "INFO 1-101" and that should give me the state (as the AMCP Protocol is written)

It gives me this (and I really had the full info with "INFO SERVER"):

INFO 1-101
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>