Consultant needed to assist with new setup

I'm totally new to casparcg and need to hire someone to get us off the ground asap.
Basically I have scoring software that spits out UDP packets of information (timing, scoring, names etc) and I need that turned into some slick graphics with basic slide in / slide out animations.

Let me know if you can help!

Cheers, Matt

Re: Consultant needed to assist with new setup

Hi didikunz,

It's custom software that we built that interacts with our scoreboards.
It sends broadcast UDP packets. Each data field is in it's own packet prepended with an identifier.
For example, the clock is like this '[1]23:23'. There are 16 fields in total.

It is for ice hockey. I had hoped that some fields would 'slide' in and out when there was data to display. Like penalties, when there is a player number being sent, the penalty display would show, and disappear when penalty value was empty again.

Thanks, Matt

Re: Consultant needed to assist with new setup

This sounds very interesting.

When the Software is custom software, who has designed it ? I think, for testing, he/she needes a "Receiver" (or did he/she really developed with the scoreboard in his/her Office).

This man / woman knows exactly the data straucture and should be able to write a small program to dispaly the incoming data in a small window in dedicated fields (if not already done for testing).

When this works, use some of the code examples here in forum to expand this software to send the incoming data to CasparCG templates.

I think, the most available examples here are written in live code, Visual Basic or C#.

Is it possible to get a complete descrption of the data structure and the scoreboard-software ?
What are the needed functions ? Displaying only score ? Score and time ? Player names ? roster / lineup ?

Re: Consultant needed to assist with new setup

Hi thos-berlin,
We are the scoreboard manufacturer. we have both windows and android versions of the app to send data to our screens.

UDP broadcast was chosen as a transport method so we could have many scoreboards around a venue & broadcast graphics all driven from a single source.

We do have simple display software designed to run on windows that also runs on linux / raspberry pi (on top of mono-runtime).

As described above, there are 22 fields in total (sorry I said 16 before, I forgot about shootout).

In other sports we do have team names as a data field also, however so far we have not needed that here.
I suppose if we did it would be fields 23 & 24.

Re: Consultant needed to assist with new setup

Because it seems to be a professional project, totally or in parts, I would suggest to ask some of the professionals. Because Didi has a lot of experience in sports, he may be a good choice.

I develop as hobby. So I could not garant for dates, but I' m very interested in getting more information about your scoreboards. Is there a limited (or unlimited) version of your software ?

How does the scoreboard knows, which sports take place ? Is always the complete dataset (all 22 fields) transmitted ?

When you are the manufactorer, you have the source code for decoding the data. You may transform to an other programming language, but you know the "mechanics". I think, you use 7-segment-displays. Instead of driving the display, you have to drive the templates. What about the team names ? What about the player names ? They dont come from the scoreboard controller, right ?