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new forum category for templates,clients etc. with source?

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new forum category for templates,clients etc. with source?

Postby peteraellig » 27 Mar 2017, 09:12

hello to all caspar users out there

one of the sad things in this forum are repeated questions for always the same things.
i would like to suggest a new forum category, where people could post their templates, programs, etc. including the sources!
i always wonder why so many users are posting their examples as videos or picture snapshots, without sharing their knowledge with others.
all are using Caspar CG, a open source software, but it seems to be a very very little interest to share source code for clients, templates, etc. in this opens source environemnt....
i think every month we have here the same questions for a non working crawl or a non working autosize problem. but there must be thousands of working templates out there....

what do you think?
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Re: new forum category for templates,clients etc. with sourc

Postby mcdikki » 27 Mar 2017, 09:17

Thats why there is a FAQ section where I try to keep a list of all those clients etc.

And I think a forum isn't the right place for code. That's good on github and equals.
But the idea to share the stuff is great at exactly what I think should be done and what I do with my stuff.

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Re: new forum category for templates,clients etc. with sourc

Postby sonny_xny » 27 Mar 2017, 14:09

Hi peter,

I think if you want a full source of client n templates, the basic problem in this forum are not everyone having strong knowledge in progamming or scripting, different programming language can be useless if you have only know one language, for example php script, actionscript 3.0, vb dot net, liveCode, javascript, delphi .. etc.
How can you learn a source code in vb dot net, if you have only know javascript or php ??

I think, not just in this forum, on other developer forum, sometimes you or the others almost forget how much effort that the original programmer spent to create the application or software, created the step by step on how to using and costumizing it, the brain behind the logic and workflow, hundred of hours that the programmer spent.

Sometimes, somehow, the brilliat ideas just can be taking and using become a new commercial product without having any permission from the original programmer, not even notice to the programmer why you were using his or her source codes, why you were using the programmer idea and modifying into your new (commercial) product.

The big impact of this unrespectfull behavior like this is, you will get denied answer if you asking on other moment for more source code and further explaination from the original programmer.

So, please be respectfull on all of source code and any ideas before you asking more. Even it declare as open source.

At least, just introducing you self, and why you need the source code, for what purposes, and don't forget to say thank you in the right thread of the forum that belonging of the developer or programmer. Or, if you didn't want to telling it in the open thread, at least you using email to tell everything about you and why you asking the source code to the original programmer.

In the open source community, the basic rule are growing better together not as single person or as a company, but becoming better as a group community with a good or even better atitude.


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Re: new forum category for templates,clients etc. with sourc

Postby peteraellig » 27 Mar 2017, 17:39

hi sonny,
sorry for my not so educated english.
I totally disagree with your thinking of sharing knowledge, especially for a open source community.
If you don't want to share all parts of your knowledge or want to keep a brilliant piece of code for commercial proposes, this is your good right. Maybe you are doing this for a living. But i think a bit further. When i read new posts, many users are new or unexpirienced, as probably you where once and i am still a newbie. And i like to share code or knowledge, because i was getting most of it the same way.
your text is inappropriate, because you put me in a corner of scroungers, where i think, i don't belong there. this is unrespectful behavior to me.
So i will put then a few posts under my name and try to share my little knowledge with our community. Maybe some others will participate and are interested, other ones may not. We are a free world.

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