Use Case

After forming some templates and a client using Caspar I'm just thinking now about a use case for the system.

I'll be managing the back end for a sporting event to deal with event management and result generation to which we will have a production company dealing with display outs and audio.
I'm planning to either use Caspar to send key and fill or take an input and overlay templates on back to them ( detail is to be confirmed).

I'm also looking into streaming the event to you tube from two inputs but looking to use OBS for that to add picture in picture outputs.

Firstly researching seems to indicate that I would be able to do all this on one decklink duo 2 having four channels ( two downlink feeds for key and fill or one up -one down to overlay templates back to production plus two channels for upfeed for streaming probably using OBS).

A couple of Caspar questions- I assume key and fill methods are lighter workloads on the cpu/gpu than inputting and output feeds with templates on? Noticing that the Caspar Twitter feed has a setup using a skull canyon Nuc I assume gpu performance these days is not a major factor for outputs?

A more general question- I know that streaming can be a heavy workload be it cpu or gpu, I'm planning on looking to use the x99 platform-6core chips, do you think I will have enough horsepower to run both Caspar and obs on the same machine targeting 720p outputs?