Is any chance to add any command to end of group , to play it again ? How to use REMOTE TRIGGERING ? Can I send any "remote trigger" command from rundown ?
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Bumping this thread as we are in need of a group loop feature!

We are currently developing an extended Client based on the Caspar Client, but have not been able to incorporate Group looping. Any thoughts on how to achieve this feature?

I would prefer not building ( and maintaining ) a custom Caspar Server as well..
Is there any OSC command/message I should look for?


This seem not to be a Client issue, there is no concept of "group" on the server. When Client loops the clip it actually only sends one more attribute of the PLAY command in the command string, Client doesn't do the job itself, it's all on the Server. I haven't looked at the source code, but it's very likely that even the Server doesn't do the actual looping, it just passes that attribute to FFMPEG which cares if the last frame is played and plays from the beginning.


A workaround is to re-trigger the group using OSC.

First, in preferences > OSC, Verify that OSC Input is activated.
Add OSC Output (I named it "self") that points to Address: localhost
and the same port as the OSC Input port number

In the rundown:
Setup the group by activating "Allow Remote Triggering" then set the UID.
also make sure to activate "Auto Play"
Add a OSC trigger within the group. Output: [ self ], Path [ /control/[group UID]/play ], Message [ 1 ]
and most importantly set the delay to match the length of the group playlist
Setting the delay-time currently has to be done manually each time the group playlist is altered

It's a long solution for looping a group but it works.
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Select Play as Playout Command, enter the duration in miliseconds (group time *1000) and don't forget to enable autostep and autoplay in the group label.