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I am one of the volunteers who work at our local radio/tv station. Here is a picture of our studio, taken three weeks ago when we did a live broadcast of the 'RUN' (a 100km race, google: 'run winschoten'):

What you see, from left to right:
- Audio mixer (on foreground)
- PC on the background running the CasparCG client
- At the direct left of the small gray clock is a media player. This is usually our 'playout' media player, since we don't have a proper playout system yet. During this event it was used to play pre-recorded items (pic was taken while one of these items was running).
- On the right is our mobile video-mixer. Notice the green video input on the display, that's CasparCG server (1.8), running on the laptop you see on top of the video-mixer. We used the green as our chroma key, because the laptop only has DVI-out.

We used CasparCG to insert the station logo in the upper corner and for our live lower thirds. I created basic .flt-files for both and a green tga-file that's used as a background layer.

As you can see, we have used CasparCG in a very basic setup, but it worked perfectly (except that we couldn't use the green color or any transparancy in our graphics...).

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Thanks for sharing!

With CasparCG Server 2.0b, you could have a "proper" playout server, with both fill and key playout for videos and other graphics! Outputting green chroma and keying later down the chain could be avoided if your switcher can accept separate fill and key signals, or if you use a DeckLink card with video input and put the CasparCG Server at the end of the chain, effectively compositing video/graphics on top of the incoming video signal and outputting the final composite!
Jonas Hummelstrand
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my 1st post here.

first of all: what a great job you guys are doing :)

this post is actually about how we are going to use casparcg if everything goes ok :)

Our team does American football broadcasts in Finland for tv & web with pretty low-cost but effective setup.
I've experimented Casparcg for few days now and transformed our static graphic layouts we used this summer to flash animations having 3d logo spins with glow/shine/particles etc. for intro & outro done with after effects (lucky me for having the AE&flash skills :D)

so the prospects are pretty good to do really nice animated lower thirds (like player introductions), clock & scoreboard, stat tickers etc. NFL style stuff :)

only problem currently is that I want to keep using a pc-based vision mixer we have already.
It uses bmd cards and the "DSK" feature is not in the mixer sw... luckily the mixer's developers live in my hometown so hopefully the "DSK" feature is implemented and working in next few weeks.
using casparcg "at the end of the line" is not ok for us, because eg. I need all graphics to fade away automatically during replays...

Also, we need to tweak the soccer client for football needs(clock running downwards, 25 sec playclock, quarters, timeouts, score buttons of 1,2,3 and 6).
creating an easy to update flash template for league standings, halftime stats etc. tables is also in the to-do-list (didn't chekc yet but maybe there was a solution in fifa templates already?)

Anyhow, if we manage to create something useful, we ofcourse put it here for the community...

if anyone knows how the virtual graphics are done in sports (text overlayed to the field in realtime) that would be pretty sweet :)

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Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing more!

Your question about virtual graphics is that if you have a moving camera you'll need to have real-time camera tracking. We are not aware of anyone using camera tracking with CasparCG (but it could definitely be created, driving the camera in Flash.)

However, if you can use static cameras it's easy to match angles, perspective and lighting so that you "sell" the illusion. We've done this many times, I think there's an image in a blog post from September 2010 that shows a count-down clock on the floor of our election studio.

If you want people to walk in front of the graphics you'll need to luma/chroma key them out and composite the foreground on top of the graphics.
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Hi everyone, here is a link to how I have used CasparCG. It's live graphics for the city counsil meetings in Helsinki, Finland. The template is completely "self-driven", it fetches xml data from the city counsil conference server (speaker, errand etc) and the shows relevant info to the viewers. We had our grand premiere yesterday (big thanks to Robert and Andreas without them I would never got this working). We're bradcasting in the Helsinki area (300 000+ housholds connected to the cable network). When the speaker changes the system waits for 10s before it shows the speaker then it show the speakername for 14s (checks every 2s if the speaker has stopped then fadeout) if the speaker is the same after 180s it shows his/her name again. If the errand is too long over about 90 chars (as in the example int scrolls to show the whole errand every 90s) see it action at about 1:30. The logo in the upper right corner is a 60s 1080i videoclip looping as a video+alpha on another layer.

BR Nicke

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Yes, the background is looped by CasparCG as well. I also recorded this with CasparCG (as DNxHD) all running on the same machine. All movements are really smooth when outputted over the Decklink card but the youtube video shows some stuttering in atleast the textscroll (or it might be because I now played it on screen because my workstation does not have a Decklink card).

I also found a problem with my textscroller (using greensocks blitmask as I posted on the forum before), if the text that should scroll is wider that 11 000 px flash will not show it. Its not a problem in this case but if I would like to use it for news and needed a really long scroll it won't work.

The broadcast is done by a few years old 3Ghz Core2Duo (4GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro 2000 graphics) and Decklink Extreme HD card. The textscroll uses ALOT of CPU (in this case about 80%) but remember that I am also running a 1080i video+alpha =2 HD videos (both 30Mbps MPEG2). Using 1080i video for the logo is a bit of a overkill but I was out of time. I got everything to work as I wanted about 5 min before going live.

When I recorded the youtube video on my 3.06Ghz i7 workstation (12GB RAM, no Quadro just a GTX570) I had the flash layer, 3 HD videos playing (logo+logo alpha+background looping) and the I recorded all of it to the same SATA harddisk in DNxHD 180Mbps and had a load at about 50% (just by starting CasparCG with 1080 screen consumer consumes about 20% on this machine). When using decklink as output my standby load for CasparCG is 0-1% That is impressing!!!

I'll try to make another example in 2 weeks when we've the next meeting. I have to clear the rights for posting first :)

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Today CasparCG (and I) did the Chevrolet Press Conference at the International Motor Show in Geneva. CasparCG played prerendered QuickTimes with fill and key. As expected: everything went well and my client was very happy.

Here are some pictures:

CasparCG in action
The OB-Van
Didi Kunz
CasparCG Client-Programmer, Template Maker & Live CG-Operator
Media Support, CH-5722 Gränichen, Switzerland
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CasparCG will be media player and lower-third generator for a portable ATEM Television Studio rig.

Photo of front is attached below.

CasparCG is running on a 1U quad core i5 with Decklink Studio card. House format is 720p50.
I hope the Decklink input is still available for feeding SDI to the Flash Live video encoder.

We will use this rig for corporate work - knowledge sharing, conferences, "town hall" meetings, training etc
ATEM rig with Ultracurve
atem_rig3a.jpg (67.71 KiB) Viewed 54159 times

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I'd like to share my success story with Caspar CG 2.0. Caspar was used for a live webcast from the FISU 18th World University Championship Cross Country 2012 ( that took place yesterday, Apr 14th in Lodz, Poland. We did a five-camera broadcast in 1080i/25 with two cameras on wireless and three on fiber-optic cable.

I had prepared 7 flash templates: the clock, a current lap/best time strap, a splits view showing five best runners this lap, a "sportsman" lower-third (with the flag, starting number), an ordinary lower-third, a full-screen board and a team introduction graphic (all team members from a given country). All graphics, the opening titles and credit roll were played out from Caspar.

I also wrote a purpose-built client for the event: it uses an SQLite database to store all the runners data such as country, starting position, family name, year of birth, etc. Unfortunately the company in charge of timing was incapable of delivering a machine-readable version of their timing and other data, so I was only able to import the start list and everything else had to be typed in manually, based on a slowly-refreshed "commentators" monitor. Because of that, I tried to make the entire operation as keyboard-operated as possible, with F1-F7 switching the template the user operates on, keys F9-F11 operating the playout of the template (Play, Update, Stop) and SysRq for clock start.

We used a server based on an Intel Core 2 Duo running @ 2.66GHz with a GeForce GTS 250. Even though these specs are rather low-end by today's standards, it allowed us to do 1080p/25 output flawlessly, outputting several layers of flash templates and playing out a XDCAM HD422 clip at the same time. For HD-SDI output we used two Decklink SDI (PCIe) cards linked together with a common reference, thus giving us a single Key+Fill channel. This was then output to a Panasonic AV-HS450, our switcher.

Here is a sample of the graphics recorded later using ffmpeg consumer:

Here is a complete recording of the Men's Championship Race broadcast:

Here are some screenshots of the client:
And here is a look on our 'control tent' just before the broadcast:
All in all: everything went well, with the officials happy with the result, and this broadcast being quite possibly the best-prepared live broadcast of any FISU World University Championship to date.
Jan Starzak
CasparCG graphics designer, programmer and live CG operator - available for work
Lodz, Poland

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Here's one highlights reel of that finnish american football stuff mentioned way goes to certain tabloid paper's page where all those highlights are published this season...
Not all of the templates used are shown here, the modified fifa client has animated graphics in it (the league logo spins around to yellow sign saying 'flag' as it is relevant for displaying penalties during the down...if you know the rules you know what i mean :) ... 00579.html


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The cameras are Sony BRC-Z330 with a Sony RM-BR300 control unit. The Vision Mixer is a Panasonic AG-HMX100.

The video input on the right is actually a RTMP webcam stream, being routed through a Wowza server and then loaded within the flash graphic. So the rounded corners are just a layer mask.

Thanks for the feedback, and sorry for the late reply! *lots of bug fixing*

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last saturday Casparcg was used in Finland's national tv, YLE :)
American football friendly games between Finland & Sweden, both women & men
it was a joint production where we provided the Football experienced cameramen & graphics.

...seemed that the channel watermark went over the scoreboard though :/

at 4.30 there is down & distance and later penalty flag animation
at 26.20 women's end game and interview
at 1.10.54 and 1.18.18 are time outs taken and those small yellow squares shine&fade away :)

so that timeout feature is something that is added to the C# fifa client that was the starting point for this scoreboard.
when I have a little time I make some generic logo, eg. a football to the center of the scoreboard and release it here :)
OR someone can take it further and do a addition that the logo can be loaded at setup/runtime

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Finally got around to posting in here, not the most interesting of uses but thought I'd share. This is one of the uses we're making of Caspar, in our studios we have low, wheeled trolleys with two monitors side by side which provide PGM output and PVW from the vision mixer for the presenters to see, we use Caspar to overlay additional information on the PVW monitor for the presenters which is fed by Caspar. This is viewed internally only so its functional but not that pretty to look at! There are 2 of these trolleys in each studio and 8 monitors in the lighting grid as well so the presenters can always see it.

At the bottom right of the screen shot:
- Time of day (clock generated in Flash based on system time)
- Item time (countdown clock fed from LTC)
- Show time (countdown clock fed from LTC)

On the left, the L shaped graphic has been enlarged to make it easier to view from a distance, this is done using a secondary video input which is then stretched using Caspar.

Top right, caller display window, this shows the callers name and location, its tied to a Phonebox system to provide caller information or the gallery operators can enter this manually. If the data is pulled from Phonebox then the phone symbol will turn red when the sound desk fader goes up.

Gallery client below, allows gallery operators to enter phone caller details in, trigger hiding and showing these rows (showing one hides the others as its the same template and layer) or a "free text" box which is just a text box in the middle of the screen:
Server client:

This takes LTC from two Alpermann+Velte cards and sends them to the template (in my early attempts at this it sent updates to Caspar on every frame, Flash doesnt like that!), there are also controls on this GUI for the time of day clock and graphic enlargement.
As I say, not the most aesthetically pleasing or interesting application for Caspar but the reliability is good (there is an issues with running flash templates 24/7 which I need to post about separately but I don't believe that's Caspar's fault) and it was quick and easy to deploy.

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Jonas Hummelstrand wrote:Wow Duncan, very clever, I'm sure we all want to find out more about how you tied it all together!
The actual output itself isnt that pretty but the links to other kit made it more interesting. Any questions ask away. In case anyone else is doing anything with Alpermann+Velte timecode cards in the future, although they have an SDK available for download they do also have a C# lib (only discovered this after writing my own wrapper), email them and they'll send it through.

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Yesterday I have my first live using for very first time CasparCG ,everything went good.
Next Sunday I'll have full played with all the graphics elements that the show needs.

I run CasparCG from a HP xw9400 with one Decklink 3D , server and client at the same machine ( Play some Background videos(with Alpha) and overlay text from Flash templates).
This is the client UI

and a link from the official tvstation site (actually is the whole show) ... f_b_fq_rw=

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tsipas wrote: I run CasparCG from a HP xw9400 with one Decklink 3D , server and client at the same machine
Can you tell us more about your machine? It's great to hear that you are successfully running the server on an AMD processor!
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PM me if you need any CasparCG related work done!

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I'm not currently at the machine but If I remember well its a two dual core AMD 64 opteron (2.8) with 4gb ram ,OS win xp sp3 ,Graphics Quadro FX 1800, RAID 1 for two INTEL HDD SSD 80GB , and for media play a SAS Drive 146GB.
Also at the same machine I have an old Decklink Pro , during my tests I tried with success to have the same channel play out for both of my cards(Video BG 400mb and Flash template). According to my Windows Task manager the cpu is about 20%

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Estonian Public Broadcasting used CasparCG first time to display live graphics on a show called "Perepidu" (Family party), which is a singing contest for family groups.

CasparCG was used on the shows finale last friday. It was broadcast partly near-live with a live ending. There was some classic stuff for a show like this - idents with sound, lower thirds, voting numbers and end credits.

Here's a taste:

Greetings to our colleagues at SVT and to the whole community!

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Here's some more footage from Estonian Public Broadcasting.

The software was used on a charity show called Jõulutunnel (Christmas Tunnel) to display some clips, titles and the amount of collected funds. The amount of money was a self-containing template feeding on xml source, which itself was calculated on information pulled from a telnet connection to a local telco company managing televoting.

For a smooth result, image scroller with a separate alpha layer was used to show the disappearing crawl. The image itself was generated "on-the-fly" in case some additional information was to be displayed.

Here's the clip:

CasparCG was also used on a children's singing contest Laulukarussell (Song Carousel).

We had 11 separate webcam feeds from all over Estonia that were showing fanclubs of the performing children. Up to four feeds were shown at once, depending on the age group. Fill effect and a lower third were used to identify the fans.

Here are some details and notes that might save someone a headache when doing something similar:
- Wowza server was used to collect and distribute the feeds.
- Every feed was a separate ft instance which was clipped with a key layer.
- Four instances were kept alive at all times and sources switched dynamically, because reinitializing the templates eventually resulted in BSOD on both my developing laptop and the production machine, even when streams were closed and objects destroyed (I have to admit I didn't investigate this behaviour further).
- When using multiple feeds, initialize them with a delay. Failing to do so might result in some feeds not showing up. A delay of one second was enough in this case to get it up and running 100%.

Here's a selection from the actual footage:

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On the 28 of February we used CasarCG for all the overlay graphics and some of video shown in projectors
for the Show Eldsjälsgalan that was a 2 hour live broadcast on TV4.

Here is a link to the complete program TV4play Eldsjälsgalan 2013

We used the stable release of CasparCG 2.0.3 on two computers with a Decklink extreme 3D card in each.
This way we got two channels to be able to output clips to the projector screens and have a backup
if one of the computers failed. If one had failed then the clips to the projector had to be cut out or shown from the EVS that ran some of the other footage.
For client we used the CasparCG Client 2.0 RC2 that I compiled from source.

All backgrounds run as 1920x1080i QuickTime animation video clips and I made a simple flash template
that fades in the text for each of the clips to show dynamic text.
Then I created a group in Client 2.0 for each of the graphic types and set delay to show the the clip and
template in a good way. Also used opacity item followed by a clear item to fade out the lower thirds after 7 seconds.
For graphics that needed a manual way of removing them from screen I made a group with the opacity and clear item.

Niclas Carlsson

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I used CasparCG at the 2013 Nastia Liukin Cup and 2013 AT&T American Cup. CasparCG was used for all of the video rolls, animated backgrounds, animated lower 3rds and other scoring graphics for the in venue video. The ribbon boards and the ad board bellow the video board were all controlled by Daktroniks Show Control. CasparCG performed perfectly.
Stats graphic before competition started
2013-03-01-12.07.35.jpg (36.19 KiB) Viewed 50595 times
CasparCG setup
2013-03-01-12.02.51.jpg (30.19 KiB) Viewed 50595 times

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I'm the technical director of AssemblyTV, the event television channel of Assembly demo party (, Over the spring and summer of 2012 we developed our own CasparCG client and event graphics in Flash/Flex, and in the August of 2012 we took them straight from the ActionScript forges into production, with little-to-no testing. We used DeckLink Quad as our output card in our Main Control Unit TG machine, with two video channel outputs and a graphics output with separate fill and key channels. To all intents and purposes, the hardware and basic playback operations worked very well. We only had one strange problem in graphics output, which we didn't manage to debug during the event, and which still is unresolved. Also, our Broadcast Control's borrowed CasparCG machine with BMD DeckLink HD Extreme (not sure if it actually was HD Extreme, but it seems to be the only card with similar connection) had problems with key channel output, leaving us with only luma key solution for channel ID bug and other graphics. That machine probably wont be coming back this year.

We are currently in the process of refining our playback software into something even more simpler. Actual use showed us that our usage scenarios were too convoluted and operators wanted things even more simpler, to the tune of "select clip from a list and press play" - nothing else! Some sort of time elapsed/time remaining counters will also be implemented, so that the video/graphics operator and script sup/production assistant are constantly aware of passing time.

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I'm involved with Radio Hami ry which is an association founded in 2009, whose purpose is to promote amateur radio activity, as well as the non-profit broadcast radio and television opportunities in Finland. Though our main activity has been temporary local radio stations we have been doing webcasts from The Finnish Amateur Radio League events. We've been experimenting with CasparCG Since April '12 and have since developed our own custom client for lower thirds, playout and other elements such as card of upcoming programs. We've also integrated it to membership data of League so that we can recall any members data for lower third based on callsign with just one click, which is handy while doing heated debate in general assembly. Some or our productions (While heavily encrypted in Finnish) can be found from our YouTube channel. Also note the extremely professional CasparCG server hardware in our first trial:

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Hi all
Yesterday I have succesfully made another live project with casparCGServer and a Clent that I made with (used dll from svt) Play several lower3d, a eurovision style score board(onair switching potitions)and I have also feed the stage LED with some texts and with a random photo draw (trigger with velleman K8055 I/O,with some problems from Buttonbuzzer I'm still investigating this )

The hole show is here (I know its all Greek to you beacause it is Greek) ... 47l_h_y%3d

I hope everything goes well for the 11 upcoming live.

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I made a template that scroll vertical some photos, when the player push the button(connected with velleman) the scroll stop to a photo(something like slots). I read the DigitalChannel from Velleman with a timer inside my VB.client and when channelread is true I send update value to my template to stop the scroll.
I have some problem with the button trigger, not always stop my scroll when its pressed, I check my code and worked OK. I think the problem is with the construction of button and actually not from my side.

PS I have made a lot of test with oncard velleman testbutton and everything worked ok.

Re: [Sticky] Tell/Show us how you use CasparCG!

You may just not get the right moment to check the channel.
If the button is pushed an then released again and you did not check the channel at this moment, you will miss the push event.

But you could use the counter of the vellman board instead. I did not test it yet, but this should work better.
Check the counter every few ms and if it increased, some has pushed the button.

mcdikki - Wir teilen Begeisterung

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Here is an example how it could be done:

Code: Select all

    Private Declare Function ReadCounter Lib "k8055d.dll" (ByVal CounterNr As Integer) As Integer
    Private Declare Sub ResetCounter Lib "k8055d.dll" (ByVal CounterNr As Integer)
    Private Declare Sub SetCounterDebounceTime Lib "k8055d.dll" (ByVal CounterNr As Integer, ByVal DebounceTime As Integer)

    Public Sub checkButton()
        SetCounterDebounceTime(1, 0)
        While True
            If ReadCounter(1) > 0 Then
            End If
        End While
    End Sub
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Hi all,

this weekend I had my fist event using CasparCG.
It was a interactive live service (christian) streamed via the internet.

All playout and CG was done with casparCG and two clients, the Client 2.0Beta for cg and a self made client for playout controlling 3x 1080i5000 Channels. One for the programout and 2 for the studio displays.

Beside some trouble before the show, everything worked fine and I'm happy that I found caspar. Thx to svt!!!

Here are some pics:
caspar.jpg (132.95 KiB) Viewed 49517 times
Regie.jpg (237.04 KiB) Viewed 49517 times
Set.jpg (122.05 KiB) Viewed 49517 times
You can find the whole video on youtube:
It's in german. All of the people are non professionals (including me).

mcdikki - Wir teilen Begeisterung

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I am a member of LA1TV which is the student TV station at Lancaster University and we are now using Caspar for our graphics. We streamed the live elections yesterday and here is a video from it. All of the graphics (minus the first 5 seconds) are flash templates and played through Caspar and It all went pretty smoothly :) The twitter scroller starts at about 6 minutes in.

Thanks for a great product! ...
AS3 Animation Helper: ... ion-Helper
AS3 Scroller:
Java ServerConnector:
PHP ServerConnector: