VT playout

Hi All.

We are studying replacing our old XDCAM decks for a tapeless system, mainly for news playout and CasparCG is the first and most wanted solution.

One delicate thing is the operators are quite used to have the xdcam with jog shuttle to check in and out points, and possibly use a rs422 sony controller we have.

So, firstly I would like to know about similar experiences and secondly if the ffmpeg producer would work with any jog/shuttle controller (would it be through the seek amcp, right ?)

Many thanks in advance

Re: VT playout

Keep in mind that it wouldn't necessary require CCG to do that. Any software would do for those checks (and there should be something that support the SHuttlePro or similar). Then you would just need to make sure that the in/out are correctly set for CCG playout. But in most tapeless workflows you are working with files that are made to be played from beginning to end - and that is the ideal workflow.

I would say: Have the workflow adapted - don't adapt the equipment to the workflow.

Re: VT playout

If this is a request for JOG (+/-), i.e. next /previous frame, then I second the request. e.g. "CALL 1 SEEK +1" and "CALL 1 SEEK -1". Also, I'm trying to a RECUE (to the start). "CALL 1 SEEK 1" only works if playing but then plays again. "CALL 1 SEEK 1" doesn't work at all if paused.

Are there commands to do JOG+/- and RECUE? Thanks in advance.