Television Studio HD and DeckLink 4K Extreme

I have ATEM TVS HD and I'd like to connect it with CasparCG Fill + Key Output @1080p50 on DeckLink 4K Extreme. Will they work together with direct connection on SDI? I mean no converters only SDI to SDI cables.

I'm not sure because on DeckLink HD Extreme 3D that kind of connection doesn't work. I have to use SDI to HDMI MicroConverters to force ATEM to recognize video signal. Direct SDI connection doesn't work even if ATEM and card are in the same mode (no matter what resolution and framerate - I tried 1080p25, 1080i50 and even 720p).

Did somebody used TVS HD with Extreme 4K and can confirm if they are compatible with each other without any extra converters?

Re: Television Studio HD and DeckLink 4K Extreme

I have the "new" TVS HD, it doesn't have switchable channels, but "fixed" 4 SDI and 4 HDMI. The old TVS had 2 switchable SDI/HDMI channels.
I thought that if I set switcher to same mode as card output it will be working but I don't have any signal without additional converter, which basically converts only between SDI/HDMI, no framerate or resolution conversion is needed.

Re: Television Studio HD and DeckLink 4K Extreme

Same resolution and framerate is absolutely necessarey. But when it works with SDI to HDMI conversion, the signal should be correct.
Have you tried it with 1080i ? For higher formats (1080p and above) there are two SDI-protocols - level A and level B. Perhaps there is a mismatch ? Do you have tried other SDI sources, which work at the inputs ? (or even not) - Maybe the SDI-inputs are faulty.
And a real silly question - sorry - you used the SDI input - not the outputs in the upper connectors row ?
In december a had a TVS HD for testing some days. My only source was my Blackmagic Decklink 4k pro and this worked...(but I can't repeat the test, because it is finished and I had to return the switcher)