Playing videos in Caspar from Flash template


I've read in one of the previous topics that it's possible to send instructions to Caspar server from Flash template using ActionScript class Socket.

Somewhere on top of your .as file:
private var mysocket:CustomSocket = new CustomSocket("localhost", 5250);
To play:
override public function Play():void
mysocket.writeln("PLAY " + channel + "-" + videoLayer + " Tactic_Intro");
To stop:
override public function Stop():void
mysocket.writeln("STOP " + channel + "-" + videoLayer);

In the example there is an override of the Play function. Could I use the same way to control videos from inside the Flash template timeline - for example to play a certain video from a specific frame on the timeline? Would you be so kind to upload or give me the link for the ActionScript object that you use for this?

Re: Playing videos in Caspar from Flash template

The ActionScript object is here ... I think I posted this link earlier. Concerning playing from the timeline: I don't know, I never tried, as I do most of my animations in ActionScript and only use "stop();" in action frames. So you need to try for yourself.
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