Possible to control Caspar out of flash template?

Hi everyone,
I have an project where I need to load/play larger image sequences in flash. Sadly it´s impossible to import them or to use the UI loader, cause they´re too big. Now was my idea to play them just as an normal .mov or similar out of Caspar. The flash template got it´s information which files to play from an external XML. Is it possible to trigger Caspar out of flash and tell Caspar what files to play? (I have about 30+ different ones)


Re: Possible to control Caspar out of flash template?

You find an example here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iwmorwwn4m6b6 ... d.zip?dl=0 But be aware, that the design of the graphic is copyrighted by a client of mine. So I can only give you the ActionScript files. It's only meant as a guide on how to use it. In reality it is a Scoreboard template for football, that is loaded on a layer and stays there for the whole match. That's why it has Play() Stop() and Show() Hide() functions. On show it hides the bug, that is loaded on another layer and o hide it shows it again. And it also plays a sound file on animating in and out. All of this is done via a connection to Caspar and sending the appropriate AMCP commands. Because the template does not know on what channel and layer it is loaded, There are a few variables to be set by the client. The variables are "channel" and "layer". These are set to the same values as the AMCP command, that plays the template like so:

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   V -------- Channel, becomes “channel”
      V ----- Layer, becomes “layer”.
CG 1-20 ADD 1 "Nam,eOfTheTemplate" 1 "<templateData>…
A similar pattern applies to "BugChannel" and "BugLayer". These are used to locate the bug, to be able to hide and show it. I hope this helps to make you rolling,
Didi Kunz
CasparCG Client-Programmer, Template Maker & Live CG-Operator
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Re: Possible to control Caspar out of flash template?

Hi didi, thank you very much for that. Just needed to know how to connect to the Caspar Server and if there is an special format needed for the commands. But it´s like "normal commandline". I´m very thankful for your help with this, it saves me a lot of time to figure out how it could work.
Will share the result very soon :-)

Nochmals vielen Dank und schonmal ein Frohes Neues im Voraus! :)