I'm trying to figure out how this thing works. I've downloaded the example from your website and used it for my animation. It works fine, but only if the keyframe containing the UILoader is positioned at frame 1 in the timeline. If I move to any other position, CasparCG won't play the animation at all. And also, another condition is that flash template containing the UILoader has to be in video layer 20 or above to be played.

Re: UILoader

The UILoader needs to be in frame 1 of the timeline, so that ActionScript can set the image. But you can simply make it invisible by animating the alpha value. Set it to 0 at the start of the timeline and animate it in, where you need the UILoader to appear.

That the template needs to be on layer 20 or above does not make any sense. There seems to be something very weird.
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