JSON Live Feed Data into for live results


I'm not particularly good at coding and I am also new with CasparCG - I can learn stuff though.
I am looking for some guidance on how to implement the results from this file - which update every minute when it was live into a results table.


I'm not looking for every field - just now:

position name time_diff

I usually use vMix for these results but I want to make things more dynamic - in vMix the fields are converted to position1, position2, position3 etc

I have attached a file which shows the effect I am trying to achieve for the results.
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Re: JSON Live Feed Data into for live results

Assuming you are using Windows, I would do it with Windows PowerShell + CasparCGNetConnector (could also write something in almost any language that does the same thing).

PowerShell code to extract the results you want:

$request = 'https://zwiftpower.com/cache/stream/6279_U.json'
$data = ConvertFrom-Json (Invoke-WebRequest $request)
$data | select position,name,time_diff

It is then just a matter of feeding this data into a CasparCG HTML template using CasparCGNetConnector
Some more info here https://ianmorrish.wordpress.com/v-ise/casparcg/ on sending commands to CasparCG from PowerShell