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Use AS3 to edit animation created in Flash

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Use AS3 to edit animation created in Flash

Postby dlp » 09 May 2017, 13:28

Is there a way to alter/edit an animation created in Flash... using AS3 ?

For example during 'in' animation, i want a rectangle to shrink from width=100 to width=50... except that i also want to change the '50' value during SetData...
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Re: Use AS3 to edit animation created in Flash

Postby didikunz » 09 May 2017, 18:13

Short answer; Yes. Long answer: It will probably not work, when you do your animation on the main timeline. I would suggest moving it into a MovieClip (put a stop(); action frame at the first frame) and start it from the play() routine. So you have everything under control. Needless to say, that the object you want to manipulate needs an instance name...
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