HELP: Flash Scoreboard from XML(created with Excel)


as in my previous post im a compleate begginer in Flash and AC3. You may say that i heard about them only. So now im making my hard steps throug that field, while learning it in fast forward ;) I almost got all I need to create some "simple" CG for basic Event production. The last element is the scoreboard - but dynamic one.

For example i got 50 contestants. So i create Flash Template with 10 rows, each containg fileds: Number (fixed value from 1 to 10 - can be static or dynamic), contestant Name, Contestant Club Name, contestant Time, contestant Point.

my idea was to create Excel spreadsheet, with table with that fields. After that i could sort players vs. time/points quickly end export it to xml file, so the Flash template could read from xml file

Thats the teory. What about practic - i found that post:, but unfortnetly my lack of knowlage stops me there. Need a little help step by step.


1) what should be the structure of XML file
2) in the post i've linked there are to first snipets of code - where i should put them in Flash

Basicly, i could learn by reverse egeniring the flash tempte,but unortunetly all the links to dropbox from old thread are dead.

Mayby someone could send me an example template, that just read 2 values from xml so i could work it out? or if you could explain me step by step how to build that template? I'll be very grateful for your help

Re: HELP: Flash Scoreboard from XML(created with Excel)

Thos - that could be the idea, but as far I've just started my experience with programing at all :) all by little steps. As for now i made it work exactly as discribet - thanks to help of Jan Starzak.

so from the Flash/Caspar side its ok. Also excel is my CasparClient for the "poor" ;) but works. Now after a little talk with my friend programer im starting to learn C# .net to find out how to program basic clients. As you probably now this process take time :) so let me see how long its gonna take me to learn the language :)