What do you use for music playlists/rundowns?

Hi all,

Looking for recommendations on how to get music into Caspar. We want to be able to take a bunch of MP3's/AAC's and have them play into a Channel. I'm sure we're not the first to have this requirement and so I thought I would start by asking how you guys currently achieve this.

I know that Caspar can play audio files but the standard client doesn't seem to be geared towards handling multiple files and playing them out in order (or perhaps random order - would be a nice feature). And unfortunately our need for this function is not strong enough to justify writing a custom client. Do you know of a client that handles audio files/playlists better than the official one?

I had also considered using an external program such as VLC to handle the audio files and generate a network audio stream which can feed into Caspar. Initial tests didn't go well though, possibly to do with the way the stream was being encoded within VLC. Anyone had any luck with this, or a similar approach?

One final one for the wishlist: the ability to have two different audio playlists playing into two different Caspar channels. This would be awesome, however just the basic playlist handling would do for now.

Many thanks.

Re: What do you use for music playlists/rundowns?

RedCast looks very promising and nicely made. Unfortunately it isn't working for me. It crashes on loading.
Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.07.39.png
Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 16.07.39.png (35.01 KiB) Viewed 1194 times
All our production machines are Win 10 now, perhaps that's the problem. Their System Requirements lists Win 7. These same systems are running vanilla Caspar just fine.

On top of that, it seems to be built around Caspar 2.0.7. I need some newer features for other parts of the delivery.

Any other suggestions?